VCarve Pro for At-Home Use

VCarve Pro is an effective and easy-to-use tool for people wanting to create toolpaths (instructions for the CNC machine to follow) for a wide variety of CNC machines. These toolpaths can be generated from existing designs created in other CAD packages or by designing from scratch in VCarve Pro. However, investing in this software can be prohibitively expensive, and while using software licensed and installed at the Construct is possible, it restricts the time that can be spent on the toolpathing to the time which can be spent here using our computers.

To download VCarve Pro, please follow this link and download the Trial edition.

The Makerspace Client edition of VCarve Pro is designed to address these issues by allowing you to work on your projects at home on your own computer using a free edition of VCarve Pro. The Makerspace Client edition allows users to design from scratch or import their data from other packages and includes the ability to both generate and simulate toolpaths. The user can then bring their VCarve Pro files from the Makerspace Client edition into the Construct and save their toolpaths for our CNC machine using our edition of VCarve Pro.

To allow the files you create with the Trial edition to be used at the Construct, go to Help – About on your Trial edition, press the Enter Makerspace ID button on the dialog, and enter the ID F867E-1F6C6-7721B-E1CA1-B3510-49351-41A03 to use the RIT Makerspace Client edition of VCarve Pro. To ensure that this version has taken to client restart the software and look for a box in the lower left that says “Licensed to: VCarve Pro Makerspace Client”. If this shows you are ready to start designing.

VCarve Pro is available only on Windows 7, 8, and 10. MacOS and Linux are not supported.