Tormach PCNC1100 CNC Mill

The PCNC 1100 CNC mill is a small, easy to use CNC mill for “engineers, designers, inventors, technicians, hobbyists, educators, and specialty/short-run manufacturers”. It is a 3-axis mill, and can machine most metals and plastics.


Machine Specifications:

Table Size: 34″x9.5″

Spindle Nose to Table: 17″ max

Feed Rate: 110 IPM (x, y) 90

IPM (z) Spindle Speed: 100 to 5140 RPM

Getting Started: To use the mill you will need to speak with the lab manager before proceeding. We recommend that users plan to meet with a lab manager ahead of time, to prepare the CAD file for machining and schedule a time to run the job.