ShopSabre CNC Router

ShopSabre CNC Router 4860 is a large CNC router, capable of cutting wood, plastics, foam, and composites. It is capable of performing 2.5d operations using a 2D CAD drawings, or full 3D operations from 3D solid CAD models. Too many acronyms? come in for a visit and we’ll try to explain how the process works.

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  • Cutting Speed: 1200 In/minute
  • max. cutter rotation: 18,000 rpm
  • Resolution: 0.005″
  • Cut Area: 60″x 61″x 15″

Ready to cut?

The Shopsabre CNC router is a powerful machine, and thus goes through a lot of consumables, please consider this when planning your project. We do not supply stock, please provide your own. If you have custom requirements such as end mill size and type please provide your own.

The process for using the CNC router is we ask that you please meet with us to discuss your project, we will show you the appropriate CAM software to use for your project. We usually can’t do a cut the same day that we have approved the CAM, so please plan accordingly. After the CAM is completed and reviewed we can schedule a time to cut which cab be done on.