Rules and Policies

Our main goal at The Construct is to provide access to equipment, training, and work space for both students and the community of RIT to work on their academic and personal projects. While the space is free to enter and use as you like, we require that all users of The Construct follow some common sense policies.

The Ground Rules

Clean Up After Yourself

This includes putting tools away, vacuuming sawdust/metal dust, etc. “It was left out when I got there” makes Mike spin in his office chair, just ask where it goes!

Be Courteous to Others

We all have to share the space, so try not to hog resources from others who may need them. Don’t be condescending to others, and try to maintain a positive, open-minded attitude.

Be Safe While Working

Wear safety glasses/Hearing protection when needed, remove loose clothing/ jewelry/ headphones, and tie back long hair. Super simple stuff.

Treat the Space With Respect

 These tools are used by everybody, so please be careful and don’t break them. Accidents happen, but they should only happen once. Tools cannot leave The Construct for any reason. See our tools policy for specifics.

Ask Questions

If you are wondering how a tool in the space works, or are stuck on a portion of your project,  ask one of our awesome lab managers, or anybody else there! Makerspaces thrive on people sharing ideas and helping each other out, and our members are always happy to do so.

Help Out

The Construct is supported by our users, who contribute to the space’s  promotion,  tool maintenance, and other important tasks. We encourage all users to get involved, and if you have a great idea for the space (new equipment, better process, etc), please  suggest it!

Swipe Access Rules

Besides the full-time and part-time lab managers, there are certain “members” of the space that have swipe access. This access cannot be freely given out due to the safety and liability concerns of the space, and is currently done on a case by case basis. The following lays out the policy for lab swipe access:

  • If you have Swipe access, you may enter The Construct any time the building is open to use its facilities.
  • If you open The Construct, and there is not an active lab manager, any other people that enter (friends or not) are your responsibility. You are in charge of making sure that they follow the rules, and you will be liable for any tool damage that occurs when in charge.
    • If your friends leave a mess, you are in charge of getting it cleaned up!
  • Swipe access will not be granted solely because you need to use the space. Swipe access holders are expected to use their access to help further the mission of the lab.

Contact us for further questions about policies at The Construct.