Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Mill

The Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Mill is a high-performance three-axis desktop CNC milling machine was designed with ease of use in mind, making it ideal for those looking to master the fundamentals of CNC machining. Much of the CAD/CAM setup for this machine can be done completely remotely, allowing you to model and setup your job from the comfort of your home before coming into the space to have it milled.

Machine Specifications

      Working Volume: 7” × 9” × 3.5”

      Max Traverse: 250 IPM

      Spindle Speed: 10,000-28,000 RPM

      Repeatability: +/- .001”

      Largest Recommended Shank Size: 1/4”

Getting Started

We recommend using Fusion 360 for uploading or creating your part. Once you have your model, you’ll need to convert it from CAD to CAM. This can easily be done using Fusion 360’s CAM workspace, accessed by clicking the Change Workspace button in the top left of the Fusion 360 window and selecting CAM. From here, you will need to create your CAM setup, setup and calculate toolpaths using Bantam Tools’ Tool Library, and then export your file for use on our machine. This guide provides a much more in depth overview of this process. If you have any specific questions or are new to Fusion 360 or 3D CAD in general, feel free to reach out to our staff for help.