RIT’s All-Access Makerspace

Are you an RIT student, employee, or faculty member looking for a space to work on a personal or academic project? Do you need access to free or low-cost machinery and materials to bring your ideas to the third dimension? Do you like to hang out with creative thinkers who are always searching for ways to learn and help others learn? If any of these apply to you, come up to the fourth floor of Institute Hall (building 73) and say hello!

The Construct has a variety of rapid prototyping facilities available for use, including 3D printers, Laser-cutters, and CNC mills, as well as workspaces for electronics, metal/woodworking, and CAD design. We also provide some essential materials for getting your project going, and free consulting from our community of student makers.

If you’ve got an idea, this is the place to make it real!

Want to earn class credit for Making?


Have you ever wished you could gain course or co-op credit for making your own products?  If the answer to this question is “yes”, then RIT has a unique program that I believe will interest many of you.
The Simone Center is offering a new program entitled the Student Incubator Program (Maker/Product Development Track) that allows student teams to gain course credit for making their products.  Traditionally, this program has primarily emphasized the realization phase of product development, but it has developed into a new Maker/Product Development track.  This new track continues to require user insight, but emphases making instead of commercializing.   It is also possible to earn co-op credit for making your products, but this requires an interview with the Simone Center/Construct staff.