Paper Bread!

An interactive electronics lesson plan builder for teachers
By Mark Brown in partnership with The Construct @ RIT

Bugs with editor:
* Board not displaying correctly of all resolutions of displays,
* Can only drag from top of item,
* Items placed on top of each other will disappear,
* Rotate does not rotate hitbox (only for drop),
* Lines are in front of dots
* Print to scale not working,
* Items in box are shown diagonal on some displays,
* Item counting needs to be added
Pre-made lessons below work perfectly!

How The Editor Works

This was developed to be a breadboarding tool with aims to help primary school teachers create simple lesson plans for basic electronics by allowing plans to be printed out on a sheet of paper. This paper will be laid on top of the board and let the students ‘lite bright’ the components through the paper into the board.

Simply move the parts onto the breadboard above. The circles can represent jumper wires. When the arrangement is acceptable hit the print button and the finished board will be scaled and printed. The paper will fit over a breadboard perfectly and allow it to be used as a stencil to insert parts through.

This tool is for teachers and parents to be able to teach kids about electronics in a simple way. This tool will always be free. If you have any questions please feel free to email the developer at;

For best results please print on standard 8.5×11 paper!

Select elements and drag to align them on the board. Click to rotate.