GigaBot Large-format 3D Printer


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GigaBot is a large-format Cartesian 3D printer. It looks and performs like your standard machine, but with a much larger build area. GigaBot is fitted with a dedicated Computer and an E3D Volcano Hotend, to allow users to print big things quickly and reliably. It uses CuraEngine and Repetier Host for slicing and operation, See the guide in the for how to use this software.

Our Gigabot was very graciously loaned to us from the local chapter of Enabling The Future. Enabling The Future  is a worldwide community of individuals, who donate their machinery and materials to create low-cost upper-limb prostheses for anyone who needs one. We are working with them to improve and maintain the machine.

Our GigaBot’s Specs:

  • build volume: 600mm in all directions (23.6″)
  • layer resolution: 0.12mm-1.0mm*
  • x/y resolution: 4 microns
  • z resolution: 2.4 microns
  • nozzle diameter: 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, or 1.2mm
  • confirmed material support: PLA, ABS
  • coming soon: Taulman Nylon

*will vary depending on nozzle size. Generally the range is 20%-80% of print nozzle diameter.

Pricing and Policies

  • For users of The Construct, working on personal and academic projects, use of the GigaBot costs $0.05 /gram, irregardless of filament.

All filament used on Gigabot will be provided by The Construct, and not by the user, unless the filament is approved ahead of time.

Prints on the GigaBot take longer to set up, and often use large amounts of filament. All prints on GigaBot need to be approved by the lab manager before running/entering the print queue. Sometimes it makes more sense, and costs less money, to use a different manufacturing method to produce a part.

GigaBot takes a while to print large objects (sometimes a day or longer!). If GigaBot is busy when you come in, just get your print approved and use the form to schedule a print time. You will get an email telling you when your time slot will be. if you need to re-schedule or no longer need to run the print, respond with “cancel” to remove the job from the print queue.

While the GigaBot is available for use by all Construct users, the Enable chapter gets preferential access to the machine.