Full Spectrum P48-36

The Full Spectrum P48-36 is a large, 4′ by 3′ lasercutter, with a 90W Co2 laser. It’s pretty powerful and can cut through lots of things!

Important Links

Permitted Laser cutting Materials

How to run a laser cut

How to run a laser engrave


Pricing and Quotas

The P48-36 Lasercutter is free to use, if you supply your own material. We do provide some materials in the shop for use at a low cost, see our Pricelist for more details. The P48-36 does not use a queue, and is first-come first-serve. If you have a part to cut, follow the instructions on preparing your file, and ask one of our lab managers to run it for you. Operating the Lasercutter is not a simple process, and you must be trained to use it on your own (see our Tools and Equipment Policies for information on how to get full-time access).

Full Spectrum P48-36 Specifications

  • Bed Size: 36″ x 48″
    • For vector cutting, the entire bed area is usable. For raster engraving, you must leave 1.5″ (4cm) of horizontal space on both sides of the part due to the momentum of the laser head.
  • Laser Power: 90W
  • Wavelength: 10.6um
  • laser kerf (cut width): .004″ (.1mm)
  • maximum cut depth: 3/8″