Full-Spectrum Hobby Laser

The Full Spectrum Hobby laser is a small, basic laser cutter and engraver, for use on smaller projects. it is the older of our two lasers, and may make somewhat rougher cuts than our flagship P48-36, but it is more than capable! plus, it is much simpler to work with, due to its smaller size.

Important Links

Permitted Laser cutting Materials

How to run a laser cut

How to run a Laser Engrave

Pricing and Quotas

The Hobby Laser Cutter is free to use, if you supply your own material. We do provide some materials in the shop for use at a low cost, see our Pricelist for more details. The P48-36 does not use a queue, and is first-come first-serve. If you have a part to cut, follow the instructions on preparing your file, and ask one of our lab managers to run it for you. Operating the Lasercutter is not a simple process, and you must be trained to use it on your own (see our Tools and Equipment Policies for information on how to get full-time access).

Hobby Laser Specifications

  • Bed Size: 14″x9″
  • Laser Power: 30W
  • Wavelength: 10.6um
  • laser kerf (cut width): .01″ (.254mm)